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Halloween Scavenger Hunt with Crazy Dash

Celebrate Halloween with a Crazy Dash Scavenger Hunt

It's spooky season! Purchase the Halloween Version of our Crazy Dash scavenger hunt to get in the Halloween spirit! During the Halloween scavenger hunt, you'll look for items around the city with friends and family. With the Halloween version, you'll get six additional challenges in your game with a Halloween theme. These additional challenges are in addition to the other items you'll be looking for during your scavenger hunt!

How to Sign up for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Farmer Holding Pumpkin

To book a Halloween scavenger hunt, head to our ticket order form to first purchase your tickets. Once you've purchased tickets, redeem them to schedule a day to play. Don't forget to purchase the Halloween specialty version when you purchase to get your special spooky hunt!

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