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Amarillo, TX

Bachelorette Parties with Crazy Dash

Bring your Friends for a Crazy Dash Bachelorette Party in


Looking for fun bachelorette party ideas? You can purchase the bachelorette version of Crazy Dash to make your game the perfect event for your bachelorette party. During your bachelorette party scavenger hunt service, you'll gather your girls and seek out items around the city. With Crazy Dash bachelorette parties, you'll receive 6 additional bachelorette challenges in your game, in addition to the tons of other items you'll be looking for during your clean bachelorette scavenger hunt, appropriate for all ages.

Crazy Dash is a digital scavenger hunt service that allows you to explore either your city or a new city in a unique way! The adventure uses a scavenger hunt app to give you a list of fun and crazy tasks to complete, as well as some fun things to look for and find around the city. At some of the items, you will be asked to complete a challenge for even more points! Don't worry, you won't be alone. A remote guide will be monitoring your progress and will be communicating you along the way.


Crazy Dash is a family friendly scavenger hunt, it's great for all ages! Crazy Dash scavenger hunt service is all about enjoying yourself with friends or family, whether its taking advantage of all the crazy challenges to complete of stumbling upon a cool new place in the city. Since the guide will not be physically there with  you, feel free to stop for a drink, browse a boutique, or sit for a few minutes and enjoy the scenery... your remote guide won't mind!

The goal of the scavenger hunt is to find all the items and complete the challenges, & to have fun with family and friends in your city! 

Image by Simon Maage

Suggested Starting Location

Amarillo Crazy Dash

500 S Taylor St

Amarillo, TX 79101


Time: About 2 hours

Distance: About 2 miles

Suggested Transportation: Walking

How to Sign Up for a Crazy Dash Bachelorette Party

Image by Hannah Busing

To book your virtual bachelorette scavenger hunt, first, purchase your tickets. Once you have your tickets, you can make redeem your tickets to let us know what day you'll be playing. You'll get the instructions to play once you redeem your tickets. If you have 10 or more players, head to our Group Events page instead. Don't forget to purchase the Bachelorette version when you purchase tickets to get your special scavenger hunt!

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