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Crazy Dash Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Throw a Crazy Dash Birthday Scavenger Hunt

If you're looking for fun birthday party ideas, we've got you covered! We have birthday scavenger hunts that are perfect for kids, teenagers, AND adults! You can select the birthday version when you purchase your game and make Crazy Dash scavenger hunt the perfect birthday bash. No need to come up with your own birthday scavenger hunt ideas, we'll do all the work for you. During your birthday scavenger hunt, you'll seek out items around the city with friends and family. With Crazy Dash birthday parties, you'll receive 6 additional birthday challenges in your game, in addition to the tons of other items you'll be looking for during your scavenger hunt. 

How to Sign Up for a Crazy Dash Birthday Party


To purchase a birthday party scavenger hunt, first, purchase your tickets. Once you have your tickets, you can redeem your tickets and select a day to play. Don't forget to purchase the Birthday version to get your special birthday scavenger hunt clues!

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Team Building Crazy Dash Scavenger Hunt

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